D. State Government

Open Access Directories

  • State Executive Officials. Lists governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, secretary of state and treasurer of each state.
  • Congress.org, a service of Capitol Advantage, provides listings for key individuals in the executive branch, Congress and Supreme Court, as well as state agencies and legislatures.

Paid Directories

  • Directory of State Officials: ordering info only (Council of State Governments). CSG State Directories (CD-ROM) provide contact information on elective officials and administrative officials, including: a) government position; b) political party; c) first name; d) last name; e) state; f) city; g) Zip Code; h) state district; i) phone number; j) Fax number; k) E-mail address; l) preferred mailing address; m) Capitol address; and n) title. These can be used to create customized mailing labels etc.

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