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The following centers do state-level health policy work, either comparative work across states or health policy analysis related to individual states.

  • Council of State Governments (Lexington, Kentucky). Site includes state government news and issue alerts.  Also includes ordering information for CSG State Directories (CD-ROM) which provide contact information on elective officials and administrative officials, including: a) government position; b) political party; c) first name; d) last name; e) state; f) city; g) Zip Code; h) state district; i) phone number; j) Fax number; k) E-mail address; l) preferred mailing address; m) Capitol address; n) title; and o) new to the legislature.  These can be used to create customized mailing labels etc.
  • Intergovernmental Health Policy Project (IHPP). IHPP has been devoted to conducting research and reporting on health care policy in the states since 1977.  Site includes a) State Health Notes; b) state health policy research; c) ForumNet Long-Term Care; d) publications; and e) other links.
  • Lewin Group. The Public Health and Finance Policy Practice (PHFPP), at the core of the Lewin Group organization, provides services in a broad array of health and finance policy arenas, including: a) health care reform; b) public health; c) Medicare and Medicaid; d) primary care; e) maternal and child health; f) behavioral health; g) long-term care; h) provider payment, and i) health care workforce policy.
  • National Academy of Public Administration. Independent, nonpartisan organization chartered by Congress to improve governance at federal, state and local levels, including analysis of specific functions, identification of emerging issues, strategic planning and performance measurement.
  • National Network of Public Health Institutes. NNPHI is the national membership network committed to helping public health institutes (PHIs) promote and sustain improved health and wellness for all. Public health institutes (PHIs) are nonprofit organizations that improve the public’s health by fostering innovation, leveraging resources, and building partnerships across sectors, including government agencies, communities, the health care delivery system, media, and academia. PHIs address current and emerging health issues by providing expertise in areas like: Fiscal/Administrative Management | Population-Based Health Program Delivery | Health Policy Development, Implementation, and Evaluation | Training and Technical Assistance | Research and Evaluation | Health Information Services | Health Communications and Social Marketing | Convening/Partnering.


The following centers do state-level health policy work, either comparative work across states or health policy analysis related to individual states. Those with * have agreed in principle to develop a state-level health policy Web portals (see next section for details). Those with **already have such a Web portal for their own state now operational. Those with SPN are part of the State Policy Network, a confederation of independent, non-profit, market-oriented, state-focused think tanks (only SPN centers that do health policy work are listed).

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