D. Health Sector

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1. Health Insurance Industry Associations
2. Health Care Professional Associations
     a. Doctor Associations
     b. Other Medical Provider Associations
          1. Mid-level Professionals
          2. Nursing Professionals
          3. Allied Health Professionals
     c. Dental Care Industry Associations
     d. Behavioral Health Care Industry Associations
     e. Alternative Medicine Provider Associations
3. Hospitals/Health System Associations
4. Outpatient Care Industry Associations   

     a. Ambulatory Care Facilities
     b. Physician Offices
     c. Primary Care Clinics
     d. Medical and Diagnostic Labs
5. Pharmaceutical Industry Associations
6. Medical Devices Industry Associations
7. Long-term Care Industry Associations     

     a. LTC Facilities
     b. Home Health/Hospice

Health Sector Management Associations

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