I. What’s What in Health Policy

Top Level Pages in What’s What in Health Policy

A. Federal Government
     1. Federal Executive Branch
     2. Federal Legislative Branch
     3. Federal Judicial Branch

B. State Government
     1. State Executive Branch
     2. State Legislative Branch
     3. State Judicial Branch
     4. State Health Policy Research

C. Local Government
     1. Counties

     2. Cities

D. Health Sector
     1. Health Insurance Industry Associations
     2. Health Care Professional Associations
     3. Hospitals/Health System Associations
     4. Outpatient Care Industry Associations 
     5. Pharmaceutical Industry Associations
     6. Medical Devices Industry Associations
     7. Long-term Care Industry Associations

E. Payers
      1. National Payer Groups
      2. State and Local Coalitions
      3. Large Employer Business Groups
      4. Small Employer Business Groups

F. Labor Groups

G. Consumer Groups
      1. Public Interest Groups
      2. Disease Associations

H. Health Policy Research Organizations
     1. International PROs
     2. U.S. PROs
     3. Regional/State PROs
     4. Consulting Firms
     5. Environmental PROs

I. Universities
     1. Policy Research Centers
     2. Education Programs

J. Foundations
     1. Foundation Associations
     2. National Foundations
     3. Regional/State Foundations

K. Publishers
     1. Book Publishers
     2. Journals

L. Mass Media
     1. Resources for Health Care Journalists
     2. News Aggregators
     3. Major Newspapers

     4. Magazines
     5. Broadcast Media
     6. News Wires
     7. Blogs

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