D. Affordable Care Act (ACA)

VII. Key Issues: Regulation & Reform >>  D. Affordable Care Act (ACA)


Topic Outline

1.  ACA Overview

2. ACA and Governments
a. ACA and the Federal Government
1. ACA Administration
2. ACA Regulations
        3. ACA Financing
4. ACA and Medicare
5. ACA and Medicaid
b. ACA and The States
       1. ACA Health Exchanges

3. ACA and the Courts

4. ACA and Employers
a. ACA and Group Health Plans
ACA and Large Employers
     c. ACA and Small Employers

5. ACA and the Health Sector
a. ACA and Private Insurance
b. ACA and Hospitals
c. ACA and Physicians
d. ACA and Pharmaceuticals
e. ACA and Medical Devices
f. ACA and Long Term Care

6. ACA and Households
a.  ACA and Patients with Pre-existing Conditions
     b. ACA and Children
     c.  ACA and Young Adults
     d. ACA and Medicare Beneficiaries
     e. ACA and Medicaid Beneficiaries

7. ACA Impact Analysis
a. ACA Impact on Access
b. ACA Impact on Costs
c. ACA Impact on Quality and Outcomes
d. ACA Impact on Employment/Economy
e. ACA Impact on Taxes
f.  ACA Impact on Federal Deficit

8. ACA Repeal
a. The Case for Delay and Repeal
b. Broken Promises
c. Congressional Initiatives to Repeal ACA
d. Components of ACA Repealed
e. Components of ACA Defunded
f. Components of ACA Delayed/Altered
    g. Components of ACA Proposed for Repeal
    h. Components of ACA Not Working Well
i. Pending Legal/Constitutional Challenges
j. ACA and Public Opinion

9. ACA News
a. ACA Media Sources
b. ACA Media RSS Feeds
c. ACA Blogs