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  • Hiring a new nursing aide typically costs nursing homes $4,000 apiece, including recruitment and administrative expenses.
  • Nursing aides have a high injury rate (nonfatal injuries are measured based on those severe enough to cause a worker to lose days of work, transfers to a different job or restrictions on work: this is known as the DART rate). Privately-owned nursing homes had a combined DART rate of 5.3 per 100 full-time workers, which is nearly triple that of all occupations (and more than double that in construction, 2.1).
  • There is no federal standard for nursing-aide staffing; only two-thirds of states set minimum levels. On average, U.S. nursing homes have one aide on duty per 10 residents, but UCSF professor Charlene Harrington thinks this ratio should be 1 per 7 for both day and evening shifts.

National Survey of Residential Care Facilities: Sample Frame Construction and Benchmarking Report

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