Health-Related Government Revenues

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Payroll Taxes

Income Taxes

Consumption Taxes

General Consumption Taxes

“Sin” Taxes

  •  In general, “sin” taxes are regressive.Andrew B. Lyon and Robert M. Schwab, “Consumption Taxes in a Life-Cycle Framework: Are Sin Taxes Regressive?,” Review of Economics and Statistics 77 (August 1995): 389–406. 32.
    Christopher Snowdon, “Aggressively Regressive: The ‘Sin Taxes’ That Make the Poor Poorer” (Current Controversies Paper 47, Institute of Economic Affairs, London, October 2013).

Alcohol Taxes

Tobacco Taxes

Health Services Taxes

Premium Taxes


Tax Revenues

  • State Tax Revenues. Quarterly and annual estimates of aggregate tax revenues (not broken down by state), by revenue source (individual income, corporate net income, property, general sales & gross receipts, motor fuel sales, tobacco product sales, alcoholic beverage sales, motor vehicle & operator’s licenses, and all other) are reported quarterly by Bureau of Census for the years 1994-present [pdf] [spreadsheet]. Historical data from 1962-1993 also are available.
  • State Government Tax Collections. This Census report, issued each September, provides a summary of taxes collected by state for up to 25 tax categories.  These tables and data files present the details on tax collections by type of tax imposed and collected by state governments. For each year, a summary table shows total collections by major category and sub-category for each state and the U.S. (Excel or txt format); data are available for 1992-2008.
  • State Government Tax Collections. The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government also collects data on state tax collections. The differences between their figures and those collected by Census are described here.
  • State and Local Tax Revenues. Data for aggregate state and local tax revenues in the identical format of the State Tax Revenue reports are available [pdf][spreadsheet]. Historical data from 1962-1993 also are available.
  • Lottery Income.  The propensity to spend on lotteries is higher for those with transfer income.
  • Tobacco Taxes. State Government Tax Collections, Tobacco Products – Selective Sales Taxes in the United States (USTOBACTAX)
  • Tobacco Taxes. Cigarette Taxes and Smuggling 2010 (Mackinac Center for Public Policy)

Tax Rates

Tax Reform

John Diamond and George Zodrow. The Case For Corporate Income Tax Reform. May 29, 2013.



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