Health Spending Patterns

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Concentration of Health Spending

  • NICHM Foundation. Health Care’s 1%: The Extreme Concentration of U.S. Health Spending (November 2014)
    • In 2012, the top 1% of non-institutionalized population in U.S. accounted for 23% of all health expenditures; the top 5% accounted for 50% of spending.
    • Mean per capita spending was $98,000 for top 1% and $47,000 for top 5%.
    • 39% of top 1% are elderly and 40% are age 45-64.
    • While those in poor health account for 32.2% of the top 1%, nearly half self-report their health as Good (30.5%), Very Good (10.5%) or Excellent (4.1%).

Spending by Function

Spending by Service

Spending by Age

Spending by Gender

Spending by Income

Spending by Geographic Area

Spending by Disease

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