Biology and Health

V. Key Issues: Population Health >> B. Public Health >> Determinants of Health >> Biology and Health


Topic Outline

a. Age and Health
b. Sex and Health
c. Race and Health
d. Genetics and Health

Age and Health

Currently there is no diagnostic test for biological aging. However, “aging-rate tests may someday be standard in annual physicals, and tracking the results over time would offer unprecedented insights on health risks.”

Sex and Health

Race and Health

  • Center for American Progress. Fact Sheet: Health Disparities by Race and Ethnicity
  • Race, Ethnicity and Health, Second Edition is a new and critical selection of hallmark articles that address health disparities in America. It effectively documents the need for equal treatment and equal health status for minorities. Intended as a resource for faculty and students in public health as well as the social sciences, it will be also be valuable to public health administrators and frontline staff who serve diverse racial and ethnic populations. The book brings together the best peer reviewed research literature from the leading scholars and faculty in this growing field, providing a historical and political context for the study of health, race, and ethnicity, with key findings on disparities in access, use, and quality. This volume also examines the role of health care providers in health disparities and discusses the issue of matching patients and doctors by race.

Genetics and Health


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