Determinants of Health

V. Key Issues: Population Health >> B. Public Health >> Determinants of Health

Topic Outline

1. Health-Related Behavior

a. Physical Activity and Fitness
b. Obesity
c. Nutrition
d. Tobacco
e. Alcohol Abuse
f. Drug Abuse
g. Violent & Abusive Behavior
h. Stress
i. Sleep Deprivation

2. Environment and Health

a. Natural environment
b. Built environment

3. Social Determinants of Health

a. Socioeconomic status

1. Poverty
2. Education
3. Occupation

b. Psychosocial factors

1. Income inequality
2. Racial/ethnic inequality

c. Employment status
d. Working conditions
c. Living conditions

4. Biology and Health

a. Age and Health
b. Sex and Health
c. Race and Health
d. Genetics and Health

5. Medical Care and Health


  • Kim D, Kawachi I. U.S. State-level social capital and health-related quality of life: multilevel evidence of main, mediating, and modifying effects. Annals of Epidemiology (2007) 17(4):258–69. [Abstract]

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