D. Environmental Health

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Environmental Law

Environmental Justice

Global Warming

Toxic Chemicals Control

Air Quality Protection

Water Quality Protection

Hazardous Waste Control

Radiation Control

Food Safety



  • EPA. Cost of Illness Handbook. This web page provides electronic access to the COI Handbook. It gives regulatory analysts a quick and resource-saving estimate of the lower bound cost of medical care for a number of environmentally-related illnesses; specifically, it provides information on the per capita incremental direct medical costs associated with the various illnesses linked to environmental pollutants. The site contains cost data for numerous cancers, developmental diseases and disabilities, respiratory diseases, acute diseases, and additional illnesses.
  • GAO. Environmental Protection: EPA’s Science & Technology Funds.
  • Political CalculationsMapping Death by Natural Hazard in the U.S.  This map shows mortality for 10 FEMA regions forwinter weather, heat waves, drought, lightning, earthquakes. hurricanes, wildfires and similar causes..


General Links

Federal Executive Branch

Professional Associations

Environmental Policy Research Organizations


  • Academic Info: Online Environmental Science Degree Programs. Searchable directory; programs can be searched by degree level, school category (e.g., Health & Medicine, Business & MBA), and subject (e.g., Health Administration, Public Health, Sociology).
  • Online Public Health Degrees.
  • The Vermont Law School’s Environmental Law Center is home to the Institute for Energy and the Environment, Environmental Tax Policy Institute, Climate Legacy Initiative, Land Use Institute, Partnership for Environmental Law in China, and Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic.



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