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  • SSI Monthly Statistics includes national statistics on recipients by type of payment (federal and state supplementation), recipients by eligibility category and age, total payments by eligibility category and age. No state breakdowns provided. There is roughly a 1 month lag time in reporting.
  • Bureau of Justice Statistics  (December 2015)Disabilities Among Prison And Jail Inmates, 2011–12. Presents the prevalence of disabilities among prison and jail inmates, detailing the prevalence of six specific disability types: hearing, vision, cognitive, ambulatory, self-care, and independent living. Important differences in each type of disability are highlighted by demographic characteristics. The report also assesses the prevalence of disabilities with other health problems, such as a current chronic condition, obesity, ever having an infectious disease, and past 30-day serious psychological distress. Findings are based on prison and jail inmate self-reported data from BJS’s 2011–12 National Inmate Survey (NIS-3). Data from the 2012 American Community Survey (ACS) and 2009–2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) were used to compare the incarcerated populations to the noninstitutionalized general population.
    • An estimated 32% of prisoners and 40% of jail inmates reported having at least one disability.
    • Prisoners were nearly 3 times more likely and jail inmates were more than 4 times more likely than the general population to report having at least one disability.
    • About 2 in 10 prisoners and 3 in 10 jail inmates reported having a cognitive disability, the most common reported disability in each population .

Geographic Distribution

  • SSDI Recipients.
  • SSI Recipients.
    • SSI Recipients by State and County is an annual compilation (released in October) of the number of SSI recipients as of December of the preceding year and the dollar amount of federal payments made to them. The report also includes information on state supplementation payments made to such recipients (such monthly payments, unlike the standardized federal payments, vary by state) (2014 is latest available).
    • SSI Annual Statistical Report is an annual compilation of information on SSI recipients and characteristics, with state-level breakdowns of recipients and payments (2014 is latest available).


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